where I’ve been + a freshen-up to the webpage

It’s been a long time since I become inactive on the social media and stopped making new posts on this page. Many things were happening at the same time on my life, including giving birth to my beautiful son, moving to a new home in a different country, and getting use to another rhythm of life in Chile, the place where I live now.

the family waiting for the sub

As might you knew, I’m a Chilean woman that I used to live in Orlando, Fl. with my husband. And after 7 years without seeing my family we decided to move back to Chile, to our old apartment to live for a while. All our family were pleased, but nothing prepared us for what this year was about to throw us in front: the social crisis in Santiago, and then this “corona virus pandemic” situation are some of the challenges that we were sorting out during these past months.

And, if all those stuff wasn’t enough for anybody, suddenly I started to feeling sick of my stomach, having a pain on the upper right size of my ribs. Long story short: I had gallbladder stones in the middle of a pandemia. Now I’m 2 days post surgery, and, fortunately, feeling great, and yet corona free!

All these things happening since we moved in April 2019 and while my little boy is growing, kept me in a reactive state, trying to make everything work but barely having the time to planning anything. That means in surviving mode it was impossible to me keep my regular posting.

having his first time at the beach

But now is the moment to make the come back move, and I’m more than ready: I just fused together my two sites, making a bilingual one, with a new look, that I hope you liked it.

I’m planing to share more Chilean and Cuban recipes especially for these holidays, and some other curious details about living in Chile, traveling with pets, etc. So be ready to hear more about Vegoralia from now on!

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