Jack Fruit Mexican Flautas ~ Vegan & Gluten free.

It was Saturday, and we were making our weekly grocery shopping, and I was looking for my fresh parsley and cilantro, when I saw these gorgeous wraps. I just got trapped for that amazing purple color and I couldn’t let them go! Once I was at home, I decided to try one of my favorite Mexican dishes ever: Flautas, which is a thin meat taco rolled over resembling a flute.

Blue corn Tortilla wraps, they are easy to find in any Latin grocery store.

Back in 2005, I used to work in a Mexican restaurant in Chile, and after some years working there I learned many recipes, which all of those aren’t vegan of course, but are easily transformed into a vegan meal.

My first time trying to make flautas was last year, when it was my cousin’s birthday party, and I prepared them to share. That time I used a lentil meat loaf recipe inside and for me, they were OK. But to my surprise everybody was amazed about these little tacos made from lentils, my relatives just love them!

But this time I tried to make jack fruit “chicken” as a filler, and I think they came out pretty good!!

Jack fruit Flautas

  • Servings: 4 persons (4 flautas per serving)
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1 can of young jack fruit in brine

1/2 onion chopped in Juliane

1/2 green or red  bell pepper chopped in strips

3 garlic cloves, minced

2 Tsp white organic miso paste

1 1/2 Tsp cumin

1/2 Cup vegetable stock or 2 Tsp Bouillon in 1/2 cup of water

1/2 Tsp black pepper

1 Tsp salt

1/2 Tsp oregano

1/4 Tsp sage

1 Tsp olive oil

Corn Tortillas (wraps)

Re fried beans to spread


Jalapenos (pickled or fresh)

lettuces or any green salad of your choice

Tooth sticks to secure your flautas


  • In a bowl place the stock, cumin, black pepper, sage, oregano and miso and mix together until the miso is dissolved.
  • Drain, rinse and squeeze the can of jack fruit, take the hard parts apart and cut them as finely you can. Pour over your bowl with marinate sauce that you just made. Let it soak while you chop the vegetables
  • In a skillet at medium high heat stir fry your onion, garlic and bell peppers for one minute.
  • Add the jack fruit with all the liquid over your skillet and low the heat to medium low. Let it simmer for about 8 to 10 minutes or until the fruit absorbs almost all the liquid. After that remove from the heat and let it cool down .
  • Once the jack fruit is cold enough to handled it, start by warming your wraps: The easy way is taking 5 tortillas (don’t put more each time), put them on a clean kitchen cloth and warm them on your microwave for 20 seconds. But if you don’t use microwave as me, follow the next step.
  • To warm them in a stove, your skillet must be hot when you want to place a tortilla to make it flexible and prevent it to break on you. So first, warm your skillet in high heat for about 3 minutes then place a tortilla, and warm each side. You’ll know that the tortilla is ready when you notice that is flexible and you can fold it with out cracking it. Generally this takes not longer than 1 or 2 minutes.
  • To fill the flauta spread about a teaspoon of re fried beans over and add 2 Tsp of your jack fruit  along of the edge nearest of you and roll the tortilla over making a sort of flute. Pinch the flauta with 2 tooth sticks to secure the roll.
  • Once you done rolling your flautas give them a coat of spray oil or brush them over and place them in your oven or air fryer at 350 F for about 7 minutes, flip them over and add 7 more minutes.
  • Also you can do it on your stove, in a skillet at medium low heat, turning around the flautas every minute until they get crispy and a little golden. Or if you are not worried about fried food just pan fried them.
  • Once they are golden and crispy assembly your plate, making a greens bed with lettuces or any of your choice, place 4 flautas on top, guacamole and jalapenos, also you can add fresh tomatoes, pico de gallo if you have, or any other vegetable you like as salad. I have also dressed on top with homemade nacho cheese.


This flautas were amazing! So crunchy and tasty inside. The jack fruit is an excellent replacement for pulled chicken, and using sage, oregano and miso gives a quite similar taste. I dressed my salad with my homemade sweet mustard sauce and a little bit of homemade nacho cheese on top.


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