Vegan Monkey’s Tail ~ “Cola de Mono”

“Monkey’s tail” is a Chilean drink that is prepared with milk, coffee, liqueur and spices. Is a special drink that we make during the holidays to have it very cold, since in the south hemisphere is summer.

We use to have it along with the traditional “Pan de Pascua” (Christmas Bread) which a dense sweet bread full of fruits and nuts. This two recipes brings me so many memories from my childhood, Santiago city and how all the place is cover with these aromas during this time of the year.

So yesterday, I decide to stop remember and  being nostalgic about the Christmas time on my Chile and  I took my mother’s recipe and (once again) turn it into a vegan version of the original. Its very easy and delicious.



5 cups of coconut milk

1 cup of brandy (if you can get a bottle of “pisco 35°” It will be perfect)

1 Tbsp instant coffee

1 clove

1 cinnamon stick

1/2 cup coconut condensed milk (it can be replaced for agave or maple syrup)


  • In a sauce pan at medium heat place the milk with the cinnamon and clove, wait until is boiling and lower the heat to minimum.
  • Let it cook during 10 min. Remove from.the stove, and let cold down, I would recommend to after is completely place the pan in the fridge over night to let the spices really release their flavor into the milk.
  • The next morning repeat the process, this time let it cool a bit and add the coffee and coconut condensed milk, stir and cover the pan.
  • Once the mix is completely cool, add the liqueur. Mix and place in a bottle. In the fridge this drink can last for months.



Despite here in Florida our weather is nice in comparison to the rest of United States, still we fell the cold of December. And this drink is perfect to have it. You only have to warm it up a little bit on the microwave, or just leave it in a closed bottle over you counter.

Chilean Christmas bread and Monkey’s tail

It has a just right amount of alcohol and sweet, to be served along with cookies or other treat.

If you try it, please let know in the comments!

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